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    Intel 750 AIC vs 2.5 in performance in random read workload


      My application is graphics rendering with dozens (up to several hundred) files each in the 10-25MB size range read randomly and repeatedly during a render.

      Is there a performance comparison between the AIC (direct PCIE 3.0 x16) and the 2.5 in (PCIE x4/SAS/SATA Express)?  Intuition leans me toward the AIC being the better option, but I would like to have that x16 slot available for other things.

      Current plans are to use an ASUS z170 Deluxe motherboard with an Intel I6700K processor running windows 10.  If I use the 2.5 in version I intend to use the ASUS Hyperkit m.2 adapter to connect the Intel 750.

      I would appreciate any input and feedback to help determine which version of the Intel 750 to choose, but particularly performance comparisons under similar workloads.