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    Help in understanding the better option of using a CPU QX9770 or Q9650 on Asus P5Q Pro Turbo for running ACAD etc...


      Hi guys,


      I know this might be a little outdated however I would still appreciate your help.

      I have been trying to revive my dad's PC (which he is extremely fond of) as it had a faulty MB. The MB has been replaced with a ''refurbished''

      Asus P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard, and new 4x 2GB Ballistix Ram.

      Now I would like to purchase a refurbished processor for it and am hoping you can guide me on this:

      I have the option of purchasing either an Intel core 2 extreme QX9770 or a Core 2 Quad Q9650.

      They are both roughly the same price so it is not an issue.

      My Dad uses this PC for running ACAD and Photoshop primarily and sometimes some basic video editing.


      Could you help? I would like to understand which CPU is better.

      I have looked at the stats and can only differentiate by comparing the numbers outright


      For this illustration : X=QX9770, Q=Q9650


      So for example:

      X is 3.2 Ghz as opposed to 3 Ghz..(higher is better?).

      X operates at a lower temperature than Q

      X consumes more power than Q.

      X is older than Q (6 months)


      However in terms of performance and longetivity and the fact that they are both used, would it be safe to say that the QX9770 is the better CPU?


      Could someone please be patient enough to educate me on the implications of these different specs.


      Thank you for your time