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    Intel compute stick (native win 10) November update


      my compute stick won't process the win-10 update to 1511, 10586.

      Micro SD card removed as per Microsoft (.How to prevent Windows 10 November update from getting stuck during installation | Windows Central)

      (Micro SD also disabled in BIOS / BIOS updated to 0031)

      So here's what I got:

      not enough space1.JPG

      So I chose to see what could be cleaned up from an already small install:

      stick c-drive.JPG

      disk cleanup.JPG

      Certainly not 15 (or 10) GB worth of free space there. so I left that alone and inserted a 64GB USB thumb drive:

      not enough space2.JPG

      and here's the installed programs:

      installed programs.JPG

      The install is 13.7GB - impressive! The update needs 14.4 more GB space on C:\  for this to work AFTER the 64GB USB drive is installed?



      Looks like Microsoft needs a multi part install for these little computers to update.

      I installed the Show/Hide update utility from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930

      -the utility works fine. (hides the November update but provides any new updates.)


      The little system works great for an HTPC otherwise. I just wish it could update properly.


      I'll wait patiently for the "fix"

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