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    SR1630GP Server Network Problem


      I have a new installation of a SR1630 HGP (SR3420GP Board), being set up with RHEL 5.  This is my first Intel Server.  To make matters worse, I am pretty much a novice with Linux.  MY ISSUE: I realized that I was having some major network connectivity issues.  For example, I can ping the Intel RHEL server from my XP desktop, but I can't ping anything in the network from the server.  After verifying all the settings I could find, I thought that perhaps the NICs/controller did not have the current drivers.  I found current drivers and instructions for installing ixgbe drivers and followed them to the letter (my ignorance made this a challenge), but everything looked like they were successfully installed.  I never did find a way to positively indicate if the new drivers were in use.  However, the network communication is no different.  Perhaps I was unsuccessful in the driver install OR perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree. I would be grateful for any help I can get!

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          Well, the good news is, you've loaded the driver correctly, if you can ping back and forth to at least one workstation.


          Why you can only ping the XP box, I'm not sure.  What are the relevant IP addresses of the XP, server, and other stuff on the network?  Maybe it's a simple subnetting issue?

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            All of my computers are on 192.168.0.X /


            I have fooled around with the networking and it is now mostly working, but i have intermittent drops.  From time the VPN or Kerio MailServer Remote Admin just disconnect and take multiple attempts to get a new connection.  Very strange.