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    No Audio HDMI device from on-board Intel Graphics HD 530?


      (Windows 10,)


      Hi, I have NVIDIA GTX 970 as a dedicated graphics card, and Intel HD 530 on my motherboard. In BIOS I have enabled multi-monitor support so that my TV is connected to motherboard HDMI socket, NOT the graphics card (this is in order to get the BIOS screen on my PC monitor, NOT my TV).


      Everything worked fine until a couple of days ago. Not sure what happenned, but under sound devices, I no longer see the HDMI audio from onboard graphics (Intel HD 530). The graphics adapter itself works fine, it is visible in Device manager, and when I switch TV on the HDMI input from PC, there is a "new hardware plugged in" Windows chime, and the TV gets the picture fine, but there is no way to get audio from the PC to TV any more. Up until few days ago, I just used to open "Sound" panel, and select the audio device from Intel graphics as a default device, and the sound would immediately go through the PC, but this is no longer there?


      Device Manager and Sound Panel screenshot:



      I tried:


      1. Disable/Enable device

      2. Installed old drivers

      3. Installed latest drivers (

      4. Tried "Add legacy hardware" through device manager

      5. Installed Intel Driver Update Utility, scanned with it, shows nothing

      6. I looked through "Intel HD Graphics Control Panel", no mention of any audio codec / drivers


      I downloaded drivers from here




      The infuriating thing is that from downloaded Intel drivers I can see the files that are audio drivers, they are







      But there's no way for the system to actually SEE the device so that I can point it to these drivers?



      Thanks for any tips

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          Update: just tonight when I first switched my PC on, I have actually seen the Intel Audio device as available! I was hoping the problem sorted itself out, so I didn't take a screenshot, however during the PC usage, the screen started flickering when I had the Device Manager on, so I rebooted the computer, but ever since then it was also missing!


          Needless to say, I had downloaded and installed and removed various versions of Intel drivers, but no luck. Every single driver actually says that it will now install two drivers - one for graphics, one for audio, but after it finishes, the audio device is nowhere to be found! Countless reboots later, the problem is still there

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            Hello @Mr_V,


              Does the issue persists with the following version Download Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]?

            Have you tried installing the driver with the following method Desktop graphics drivers — How to Manually Install a Driver in Microsoft Windows 8* or Windows 8.1*?





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              Hi Amy, thanks for trying to help. Yes, I tried those beta drivers as well. I am wary of beta drivers, but I can see that they are for Win 10 build 10586, so for Windows updates of last week that I installed. In fact, I left those drivers on after I wrote the original post.


              The issue persists, I'm afraid. But what is really bizarre is that it keeps coming on going, after shutdowns and reboots, seemingly without a pattern. I have changed nothing in the driver configuration or HDMI cable being plugged in/out for a couple of days, and just since this morning:


              1. The audio device was showing:



              2. After a reboot or two this morning, the audio device was gone


              3. After a reboot or shutdown, it is showing again, and I can select and use it, it transfers the audio to the TV:



              I cannot find any pattern. It is not on every other reboot/shutdown, it seems completely random. It is highly, highly irritating. It's not as much a question of trying to install the drivers manually for the device, it is quite simply that


              the device is simply not show anywhere on the Device Manager - not under Sound controllers, or as "other unknown devices", it completely disappears and turns up again.

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                It's unfortunate that you're facing this issue, since the latest driver did not work for you I would recommend to wait until there is new driver release. You can also check with your computer manufacturer in order to see if they can provide a customized driver for your system.





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                  I've had a similiar problem. Bought Z170 Asrock mainboard and tried to connect my TV and second monitor to 530 iGPU besides main monitor connected to my discrete NVIDIA card. Tried messing with couple of windows extended desktop options, no success.

                  Finally, after changing bios setting with iGPU being main card (from PCIEX, NVIDIA still catched every BIOS screen) Intel HDMI Audio finally showed up in windows device pool.

                  I can finally choose my TV as audio target besides video target.

                  I hope it helps.