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    Blue screen crashes related to lack of RAID driver; computer not running in RAID mode


      I need help with the following problem.  My Dell 8400 Dimension desktop, running Windows XP - Home Edition, Service Pack 3, frequently crashes to blue screen.  When I send the crash report to Microsoft, it responds by saying that my "RAID controller is missing a driver" and that I should download the driver from the Intel site.  It also informs me that "The model name of your RAID controller is Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iaStor.sys)."


      I am running from the motherboard two SATA hard disks and am not operating them with a RAID configuration.  The Intel Chipset Identification Utility identifies my chipset as "Intel 925X Express Chipset Family."  The I/O controller is identified as "Intel 82801 FR 1/0 controller hub ICH6R."


      From the Intel site, I downloaded iata70_enu.exe, which was identified as "AHCI/RAID Software - Intel Matrix Storage Manager - Primarily for Intel® ICH6R."  The release notes for that download instruct me to look under the Device Manager section for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers to see whether I can find a driver called "Intel(R) 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller."  That controller is listed as being present.  The release notes then inform me that "If the controller above is present, the system is an ICH6R system in AHCI mode and no further action is required."


      I take this to mean that I should not run the iata70_enu.exe that I downloaded.  Am I mistaken in this?  If I am not to run that executable, then does anybody have any suggestion as to how I can deal with these frequent crashes?


      I would appreciate any knowledgeable suggestions.