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    usb ports/devices inactivated in Windows 7 - even after install of latest chipset drivers


      Assuming the correct Windows 7 chipset actually was installed (the status indicates failed - but other blog postings suggest that the chipset was in fact installed/ maybe) - the problem is with usb port deactivation by automatic driver install function running (I think).  What happens is that I proceed with un-installing the usb drivers (using the device manager) and then restart the computer (with for example the mouse and keyboard plugged into the usb ports) - I get temporary use of my mouse and key board - until the automatic driver install function launches.  I have attempted to block this via two methods (i.e. in device manager hardware installation settings and in the windows update settings) but neither method stops the inevitable automatic attempted search and update of drivers (by the automatic driver install function) - that fails to find drivers and subsequently results some how in deactivation the usb ports/ devices.  The only thing visible in the device manager (after the usb deactivation) are two intel chipset drivers, and under the other devices - there are two (apparently) parallel "unknown devices" that subsequently disappear if I again uninstall the two intel chipsets - then restart repeats the cycle of usb/mouse/keyboard devices working temporarily (1-2 minutes) until the automatic driver install function deactivates the usb ports/ devices.


      The problem I believe started a while ago when I had an automatic windows update that appears to have inactivated usb ports to any new usb devices - when I (recently) tried to fix the problem by un-installing usb drivers/ downloading the latest intel chipset utility and rebooting computer - the problem expanded - so now no usb devices work (for any significant period of time).   I would very much appreciate any suggestions for fixing the usb deactivation problem in a windows 7 OS. Thanks.

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          I decided to confirm whether the latest intel chipset version was downloaded/ installed - by checking the Registry (following instructions from another related Intel discussion post) - I found that the older version (9.11.1027) was still in the registry.  Just to be sure I re-ran the Intel chipset update utility (Note - I have recently run Windows update to update my Window 7 OS on my Pavilion dv7-4285dx HP laptop).  The screen shot after the scan - confirms that I have the older chipset version.


          2015-12-02_jdp computer_hp laptop_screen shot (1).png


          I clicked on download and took another screen shot - that appears to show "download" status in greyed-out text - not clear if the download was successful - also the number of downloads are indicated as zero - BUT the "INSTALL" button is highlighted/active (again - not clear here).


          2015-12-02_jdp computer_hp laptop_screen shot (2).png


          I clicked on the install button and took another screen shot that shows that the status = Failure, and number of downloads and install = zero


          2015-12-02_jdp computer_hp laptop_screen shot (3).png


          I went back and check the Registry - and still have the old intel chipset version - see screen shot below.


          2015-12-02_jdp computer_hp laptop_screen shot (4).png


          The problem with solving my usb inactivation issue maybe that I am unable to download and install the latest intel chipset driver version.  I need some help form Intel here - what can I do next to fix usb inactivation issue?  Thanks

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            Hi trackman1,


            Intel provides with generic drivers for any computer; however, you are using a pre-built system. Hewlett Packard customizes our drivers according to their specifications, it is better to keep using the drivers available at your laptop manufacturer website.


            As a workaround, get into the BIOS, reset it to default then, reinstall the chipset driver and Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver. Verify if you are using the latest BIOS version Rev. A

            HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support


            Mike C

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              I used the link you provided - to go to the HP software site - and attempted to download/instal the appropriate intel chipset software (for the HP pavilion dv7-4285dx notebook pc) - using the HP assistant and selecting overwrite option when prompted.  After clicking the instal button the window indicated software was installing - waited 2-3 hours - with no confirmation from HP assistant that installation was completed (however did get pop-up window for driverwhiz that said scan indicated all drivers are upto date and a request to register with driverwhiz - from looking at the web I elected to declined/closed the window).  When I closed the HP assistant window (note, in the tool bar the icon was still oscillating indicating activity) - got window asking if I was successful - indicated "not sure".


              Subsequent shut down and restart of computer resulted again in momentary usb working e.g. for plugged in mouse - then stopped as soon as the automatic driver intal program launched - which failed to find/instal drivers for devices etc.  Looking into the DM lists found the same two intel chipset drivers  listed under USB controller and also listed two unknown devices under other devices (see screen shot/snip)


              2015-12-03_jdp computer_hp laptop_screen shot (5).png

              It seems that I am not able to update the chipset software via Intel or HP downloading/installing procedures


              Not a computer persons - so I am not sure how to do the alternate work around you proposed - yet - need to learn more about how to access BIOS and set as default etc.


              Thanks for the help.

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                Hi trackman1,


                It is normal to find 2 or more Universal Serial Buses in device manager, your laptop has many USB ports.


                Check if you are already using the latest BIOS version. Check in the BIOS if UEFI and Legacy Boot are enable and USB legacy needs to be enable too.


                Then, install the main drivers first:
                “Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver”
                “Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver”
                “Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver”


                Continue with Operating System-Enhancements and QFEs, download and run.


                Finally, continue with the rest of the drivers. Do it manually.


                Mike C