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    Intel Graphics Control Panel does not display content properly




      I've been using Windows 10 for a while and everything was pretty OK (including subject in issue)!

      Now when I open Graphics Control Panel, the first screen correctly displays the content (1st image), but when I enter any of the options, like 3D, content is barely displayed (second image).


      I've tried cleaning up my PC, softwares, registry, general cleanup and malware scans, updates, etc, even reinstalling the graphics drivers, running the subject in admin mode and trying to open it in my TV screen. Nothing fixes that.


      2015-12-01 (1).png


      My laptop is DELL Inspiron I14-3442-A10;

      Graphics adapter is Intel HD Graphics 4400;

      Driver is;



      Even after updating Windows 8.1 to 10 it still used to work normally;

      I've tried to uninstall most of my softwares, for the case it was a conflict;

      Please, I beg you not to ask me to do a system recover to any previous point.


      Thanks in advance!

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