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    Thermal Margin Error?


      So I recently had my PC repaired under warranty (mobo and CPU replaced).  It's come back to me much louder than before.  The stock Intel CPU cooler spins at a a much higher RPM than it ever did (2100 to 2900).  Mobo is Intel DP35DP.  Processor is Intel Q9400.  Here's the thing:


      The thermal margin is shown to be 26 degrees C, regardless of whether the computer is starting cold or has been on for days and is under load, both in the BIOS and in Intel's Desktop Utility.  Core temp appears to sit around 55 for all four cores - though I'm not certain of accuracy here (obtained from speedfan).  I remember the thermal margin on the old board/cpu combo (also dp35dp/q9400) being around 50 - a much more comfortable number.


      Any thoughts here?  Why does thermal margin never budge?  Why would it be 26 from a cold start?  Thanks for any insights!

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          reinstall the cpu and see if it helps. sounds like a readout-error that results in the constant "wrong" tempvalue

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            Thanks.  I'll give that a try.  It's amazing to me that I've had my computer repaired by a "qualified" technician, and that he managed to get this wrong.  My suspicions were as such though... I should have just done the repair myself in the first place, but didn't want to risk voiding my warranty.  **sigh**  Well, thanks for the advice!

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              Cooler not sit well on processor.

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                Thanks all.  I re-seated the processor, and re-installed the heatsink.  No love.  I upgraded the BIOS via the emergency jumper on the board, and things calmed right down.  The board now appears to be picking up the proper cpu temp, which in turn has brought the fan speeds way down.  I now show a healthy margin of 52c or so, with the CPU fan running at about 1000rpm.  Much better.  Corrupt BIOS is my guess...