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    Whats the story with the Intel Confidential CPUs?





      Im trying to find what whats the story with these Intel Confidential CPUs. I recently was, i guess, fooled, into purchasing one.


      The seller was venting them on this romanian site Okazii.ro - some kind of site for ads.



      This CPU was supposedly a i7 Intel 4770T in reality despite what was written on it which was „Intel Confidential”, QD7X ES 2.5GHZ, USA, C235A739.



      I tried to use it, but in vain (even if my MB was suppose to support it a ASROCK H97 Pro4). The computer turned on but that it...



      I treid to fix it...so i started googling about this CPUs to find what they are actually for testing and NOT for selling at all. Its quite shock since this person was selling many of them...



      I kinda feel fooled and i wish to at least help other not getting into such a situation...i paid $190 for it....



      Before i go press charges i would really like to know the legal side from your perspective.



      Secondly, i want you guys to know about the seller. (http://www.okazii.ro/comunitati/okazia-lui/mirehp.html)



      Thank you in advance