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    Intel HD Driver issue August to October 2015 drivers in Cinebench r11.5 and r15


      I assembled my new PC and testing all my components and see if they are working smooth as silk *A must thing to do

      Here are my benchmarking/stress testing tools:

      Intel Burntest

      Cinebench r11.5 and r15

      Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

      Aida64 Extreme


      My PC:

      Intel Core i5 4690k running on stock 3.5ghz

      Intel HD4600

      Gigabyte z97mx Gaming 5 F5 Bios

      G.skill 2x4gb DDR3 1600mhz CL9

      Seasonic m12ii 620watts

      2tb Seagate Barracuda

      Windows 7 SP1 x64

      Note that all my drivers are downloaded from Gigabyte Site


      After i installed my drivers and checking my components these benchmarking/stress testing tools are good (1)Intelburntest, (2)AIDA64, (3)XTU

      no bsods, no errors found. So i think my pc is in excellent working condition. When i ran my last software Cinebench r11.5 and r15. It started acting weird. I got low scores in CPU benchmark a 334CB. In r11.5 i got 4.20 (these score is consistent) So i thought my CPU is defective. So i tried again formatting and try not to install drivers. I ran again cinebench and i got my expected score. R11.5 = 6.25 and r15 = 566. I'm really annoyed what happened but now i'm suspecting that it's a software issue. Tried install Chipset i got my expected score. Then installed Intel HD Driver then dang! My score again is low Then i uninstall the Intel HD, and got my expected/right score. Then installed my drivers (except intel HD) i'm still getting the expected score. Then i tried downgrading my Intel HD (October 2015 to August 2015 driver) but still the same low score :(( Then i uninstalled again the August 2015 driver and tried my luck using July 2015 driver (the one im using right now) and voila! My cinebench score is back to my expected score.

      Also take note: My gpu score in Cinebench r11.5 and r15 is 33.47 (my expected score) so these Intel HD drivers below was not affecting my GPU/Open GL score. Only affects my CPU score


      So my suspect drivers are:

      Intel HD (10/10/2015)

      Intel HD (8/19/2015)


      The one i'm using right now: Intel GPU still 33.40~

      Intel HD (7/27/2015)


      Does anyone of you experienced this issue?