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    Adding Attributes to Devices on Enableiot.com


      I am trying to set a device to have a new attribute "Site" in enableiot.com. I have successfully done so with 2 out of 3 of my devices, but whenever I go and add it to throw the web interface, it doesnt seem to last very long. I also added the attribute via the REST API and again, it stayed for a bit and then disappeared. I have no idea why this devices is not able to retain this attribute.

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          Hi Unn,


          What is the output of running uname –a and iotkit-agent --version?

          Have you tried to restart the agent before setting the new attribute?

          systemctl stop iotkit-agent

          systemctl start iotkit-agent

          Using the website, are you setting the attribute by going to Devices > + Attributes > Edit Attributes > New_Attribute > Confirm Attribues > Save ?


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            I am not using the iotkit-agent or admin for this project, but connecting to the mqtt broker directly. However, this should have nothing to do with either of those as this is just about updating the metadata within the backend about the device (unless the iotkit-agent is somehow updating the metadata itself...).


            I am trying to use that process you mentioned via the dashboard, and neither it nor updating the device via the REST interface lasts.


            Now Im thinking the iotkit-agent is updating the metadata; does it do that and can I get it to stop (without disabling it, though I could as I dont use it anyway....)



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              So the answer is yes, the iotkit-agent DOES update the metadata attributes and erases anything you add via the web interface or REST. The iotkit-agent should probably be updated so it DOESNT do that....


              In short, "systemctl disable iotkit-agent" fixed the problem.