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    i3 6100 / i3 6100T maximum temperature


      Hi . I am from Romania , Bucharest city .


      I want to buy a processor i3 6100 or 6100T and I want to know which is max safe temperature to use for these models . I use Speedfan which show me cpu temp and core temp . I suppose which i3 will have 3 temperatures (core1,core2 and CPU temp) .


        On intel site i3 6100 have Thermal Solution Specification     PCG 2015C (65W)   and 51w TDP

      On intel site i3 6100t have Thermal Solution Specification     PCG 2015A (35W)   and 35w TDP  (but in PDF fulfil PCG 2015B)

      Questions :

      1) What is this W fron this charts ? How should be understood ?

      2) a) What is max TTV T case (C) temperature from first picture ?

          b) Max TTV T case (C) temperature = CPU temperature from SpeedFan ?

          c) Can consider from first pictures as i3 6100 have max CPU temperature 62.8C and i3 6100T have max CPU temperature 66.1C ? How to understand this ? What if it exceeds this temperature ?

      Take an exemple , if I will have on i3 6100 who have 60C CPU temperature ,  can I believe it is ok and can not any danger ? I understood that the temperature sensor has an error 5c . In this case for 100% safe i should have max 57.8c for this case ?

      3) Core temp = TJ (junction temperature limit) ? In this case i see have 100c limit . But i see too much difference between tcase max and TJ . This thing how to understand ? Should take considering this temperature ?

      4) I wanted a reply who say me clear a reply like this : "for cpu temperature max safe temperature is 58c and for core temperature max temperature is 100c"

      I wait yours reply and advise to understand this thing as simple posible I messed up in both the data and the things . Me , i need to know simple like this "for i3 6100 keep cpu temp up to 58c and all is safe and for i3 6100T keep cpu temperature up to 65c and all is safe"


      This pictures are from 6th generation processor family datesheets vol1 PDF




      Below is for i3 6100 51w TDP




      Below is for i3 6100T 35w TDP





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          1) W means Watt.

          2) Max and min Tcase are target values for system cooling solution (including MB BIOS and cooler itself) to keep CPU current temperature (from DTS) in that range. I.e. motherboard and cooler should not allow current Tcase to go over Max Tcase value for exact CPU in exact power mode.

          c) There are targeted maximum operating temperatures for that CPUs in full-power mode. Actually, nothing inside CPU cares about that temperatures. The CPU protective mechanisms (ATM)  will start work at Tjmax (defined at 100C for 6-rd gen CPUs), but can start earlier if an offset was set (Tcontrol, stated in table 5.5).


          Take into account, that DTS reports not an absolute temperature, but a value (Tjmax - current Tcase), i.e. how long is distance to absolutely unsafe temperature level. Tcontrol value will be deducted from  Tjmax.


          So, for 6100:


          - Its recommended for MB and cooling vendors that operating temperature of CPU should not be over 62.8C in full-power mode.

          - The CPU self-protection begun to work at operating temperature (100-20) 80C (i.e. throttling absolutely will start at that level)

          - The CPU will be shut down completely at 130C (temperature of package irreversible damage).

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            Hello talache123:


            Thank you JFFulcrum for the explanation provided.


            1) W would be Watt

            2-A) Max TTV T case (66.1 for Dual Core GT2 35W / Intel® Core™ i3-6100T Processor, would be the max temp the processor can reach while being out of harm.

            2-B) Max TTV T Case =  max temp the processor can reach without harm.

            2-C) Yes, by matching the watts and the quantity of cores you would get the max temp for each processor.

            -If the processor exceeds that temperature, it may be harmed or damage, when the CPUs reach certain temp, they would automatically shut down the system for own security.


            The max temp that the processor can reach without troubles, would be the Tcase or Max TTV T Case.


            3) TJ or Junction Temperature would be the temp in which the processor shuts down the system in order to not be damaged.

            4) The safe temperature would be lower than Tcase or Max TTV T case.



            Esteban C