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    Motherboard Intel ih4el



      This is my firts time here then sorry if i did something wrong, and sorry about my English too.

      I have a notebook with a intel ih4el motherboard and a intel core i3 2310m processor. How we can see the processor have a suporte to intel virtualization technology but in the setup of the motherboard do not have the option to activate it and the setup is very limited. Sorry but it is pretty ridiculous and i am really disappointed because i need activate it to study virtualization. So if you guys have a information about this please tell me about any bios update for this motherboard or something that i can do for virtualize x64 O.S. I am using the Windows 10 Pro.

      Prints for more informations:

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          Hello VHMG,


            If your motherboard does not support Intel® Virtualization Technology you won't be able to use it, this technology interacts with the resources from your motherboard BIOS, CPU and the operating system, here I would like to let you know that your graphics controller is not supported for Windows® 10, if these components are not compatible between them you won't be able to run the virtualization.

          For further reference Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems.