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    NUC5i7RYH Displays not correctly resuming from sleep


      Getting something similar to what others have reported. But I'll post this as separate in case it's unique in some way.


      I've gt two ASUS PB278 monitors (2560x1440) with full sets of port options. I'm running one native HDMI, the other native DP. The DP will often not return from sleep - not every time, and usually seems to be after a long sleep - not when I do a test.


      When the problem occurs, the HDMI monitor comes on fine but the DP stays black / off. The Intel Iris driver seems to "see" that it's there, but can't use it - and it seems to think it's a 640x480 device at that point. If I pull the power plug on it and wait for the HDMI screen to flash / refresh then re-plug the power, it all resumes working as expected. Using the power button doesn't work (probably since it doesn't actually turn it off - just "smart off.") I've tried changing with DP-HDMI adapter and DP-DVI adapter with same results. I've tried swapping the two monitors with all combinations of adapters (except USB). Problem follows the DP connection regardless of which monitor. Bad news is that it's not 100% reproduce-able, but consistently occurs within a couple days.


      Extra bummer to it is that the DP seems to only show up as the "Monitor 1" so I think that's why it resizes all the windows to 640x480 whenever it comes up in this state.


      I've updated to the latest drivers and BIOS with the same results.


      The "fix" I'm about to implement is a to use a separate surge-strip so I don't have to pull the power cord out of the back regularly. Hm.