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    DP35DP green light near Channel B, DIMM 1 ?


      Just curious what does the MB green light ON mean? Hoping it means my MB is still good. It's not booting up.

      Have this old desktop running Win 7 that I built but use it sparingly as I use my Intel NUC more than this desktop. It has in the past booted but decided to put it in "sleep" mode then go to my NUC thinking that when I wanted to resume using the desktop, it would awake using keyboard/mouse. Well this time it didn't. Have a old Belkin USB hub with external pwr supply connected separately to it with keyboard and wireless mouse. Now noticed that USB hub red ON lite is on but keyboard won't work and wireless mouse doesn't work either. Wondering if that's a connection with the non boot-up.  Next, swapped out CMOS battery thinking that might be it...nope (kinda thought that might happen).

      So it's either a PS but that's what makes me think that if it was, the green light wouldn't be on. Or...motherboard issues?  Pwr LED lights up just a little and trickles on/off so it's being pwrd by PS?

      Thanks for any help/suggestions out there.