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    How to build the linux image from scratch?


      I'd like to understand a bit more about the linux image that runs on the Galileo. (SD Card IoT Image).

      I know you can just download one of the images, unpack it and write it to the SD Card (following which I normally use gparted-live to re-size the partition), but I'd like to be able to follow and understand the process of building the SD Card image in the first place.


      I have spent quite a bit of time searching these forums and the yoctoproject.org website for some of the answers but I'm not sure of all the steps.

      From what I can see I need to download the sources (from where?) and the Board Support Package (BSP) and then build the image.

      I have a Ubuntu 12.04 machine that I can use as my build machine. I also have Windows Laptops and Apple iMacs too.

      Can someone point me to a post anywhere which describes how to obtain all the prerequisites and build the image?