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    Christopher Lowry

      Jive Anywhere brings the power of Jive social collaboration to any web application or web site. As users visit a website or use a web-based application, Jive Anywhere recognizes where they are and provides access to relevant conversations and content in their Jive network. Users can take part in discussions with colleagues, view related documents and other content, and work together in groups. Jive Anywhere instantly "socializes" websites and applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, Salesforce.com, Google Docs, SAP, NetSuite, and LinkedIn. Users can, for example, converse about a specific record in a CRM system, or a job candidate in LinkedIn, or a research report on the web. These "no-click" integrations are automatic and require no IT intervention.

      Just playing with Jive Anywhere tool add-on for IE.  I used https://communities.intel.com as my Jive instance URL.  All seems to work fine, although I have not yet determined the usefulness of this tool.

      More as it happens...


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