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    how to replace disk accelerated using Intel Smart Response Technology



      My win10 box is running on a 500GB system HDD accelerated by a 64GB SSD using Intel SRT. Yesterday the system reported S.M.A.R.T warning for that 500GB HDD and it seems it will fail soon. Now the system is still up and running, but I decided to replace this HDD before it dies.


      Since I don't want to reinstall the system and all other stuffs, my plan is to get a new 500GB HDD and clone the current HDD to the new one. I googled a lot, but cannot find a clear steps to do it with SRT. Here is my plan:

      1. disable acceleration in Intel RST. (is it required before cloning the HDD?)

      2. Clone the whole disk to the new one

      3. Replace the HDD.

      4. boot into the system and re-enable acceleration.


      For step 1, is it enough to disable SRT? Do I need to change anything in BIOS or the RAID setup by pressing Ctrl+I during boot?

      For step 2, after replace the HDD, is there anything else I need to configure in BIOS or RAID setup?


      Can anyone help to check whether I can go with this plan? Thanks.