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    DH67BL Intel Management Engine interface Error 10




      We have problem in Management engine interface. In device manager it is shows Yellow triangle icon on it. i have tried to update driver but its failed. i tried to delete driver and reinstall but cant able to install it.

      This problem occurring from past 15 days. its worked perfectly from past 3 years. I have tried many thing but cant solved my problem. at last i reinstalled OS and it is still not working. It show Error 10 Device Cannot Start. i have also downloaded latest version of driver but not worked. and main thing is this corrupt my network driver on every shutdown. i have to reinstall network adapter driver on every time when i start machine after shutdown. management engine interface corrupts my network driver also i have installed latest version of chipset driver.

      Desktop configuration as below,

      Intel Core i5-2320 Processor

      Intel DH67BL desktop board

      OS : Windows 7 Professional



      Dhruv Patel

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          Hello MMPL,


          Could you please let us know the BIOS version that you're running?





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            If you go into BIOS setup and choose "Additional System Information", the resulting scene will include a display of the revision of the Management Engine (ME) Firmware (this is displayed last, so you may have to scroll down to expose it).


            If the revision number is blank or is "", this means that the ME is not running. This usually means that either something went wrong during a BIOS update or the flash component used to store the BIOS and ME firmware has been corrupted or has started to fail. In either case, the thing to try is install the latest available BIOS using the recovery method.



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              Thanks for reply,


              Amy i have downloaded and upgraded BIOS version after you asked for BIOS version. But no Success.

              Current BIOS Version : BLH6710H.86A.0160.2012.1204.1156


              N.Scott.Pearson : I have checked MEI version before upgrading BIOS, It was And its also remain same after upgrading BIOS to latest version.

              I have upgraded the BIOS using EXE file and downloaded from Intel. Is that recovery method is different than way i upgraded BIOS.?



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                The recovery method requires that the BIOS .BIO file be placed onto a freshly-formatted USB flash stick, this flash stick be inserted into a USB port on the back panel and the BIOS maintenance jumper removed. When you then power up the system, the Recovery BIOS will run and should start the update process. Give it at least an hour, even if it doesn't seem to be working, before touching the system again...


                Check the ME firmware revision to see if it was updated and can operate...



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                  Is USB stick needed to be formatted with any particular File system.? (Like FAT32 or NTFS)



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                    While trying your suggestion i cant able to enter in BIOS recovery mode.

                    Fist i have power off the system then removed bios jumper and inserted USB drive(Formatted and copied .BIO) at back panel. Then i power on the system, but get nothing on display just blinking display power LED, then i removed power and tried again and same result. Then i restored jumper to its default position. Then i found BIOS Update Option (F7) at startup BIOS Screen, then selected that option, then selected USB flash for BIO file and updated Bios. But No SUCCESS.

                    Then i found very strange thing that when i start system after shutdown i see network and MEI driver corrupted then i just restart system then found network driver working fine with allocated IP Address but MEI still with yellow triangle.

                    So if i restart system just after a fresh start from previous shutdown than network driver get restored and in working stat.

                    But MEI is still the problem. BIOS update didn't worked at all.

                    What should i do next?

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                      No, the F7 method is not the same; you need to use the recovery method if you want to get the ME operational again. Did you wait the full hour after powering on the PC before you turned it back off? If not, you are lucky you didn't brick the board completely (if it is in the middle of an update when power is shut off, the flash will be corrupted, perhaps irreversibly).


                      Here are the 'official' instructions: Desktop Boards — Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update. As I said, don't worry about what you see (or don't see) on the screen; the display of the update sometimes isn't seen. Let it run - and wait a full hour before touching it again (unless it tells you to power off, of course). The update should only take a few minutes, but I have seen it take much longer. Also, if you have a flash stick that has an access LED, watch to see if it is being accessed after you power it on. I recommend that you use a USB 2.0 flash stick (not USB 3.0) and that you use one of the black USB 2.0 ports on the board's back panel (NOT a blue or yellow one and NOT one on the front of your PC).



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                        N.Scott.Pearson thank you very very much for helping. This worked for me and solved my problem.


                        Yesterday i have inserted USB in 3.0 port.

                        This process was so quick and completed within a minute.


                        Well thank you very much for helping..



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                          One more Question.

                          What is a role of Management Engine Interface. How it is Important for system??