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    Hi, I am Peter, I recently made a return for a BOXED type processor.  when it arrived at the depot it turned out it was a OEM. how could this happend?




      I recently made a return of an socket 1155 I5 processor, before anything else I made a online check if it has warranty, and yes it has up to Aug 2016. base on the Intel warranty it say’s it was a BOX TYPE,  and then I filled up a online ticket.


      I made a call, the agent assisted me and made validations.  And waited for 24hrs to have courier documents, next day it was pickup by the courier.


      I was so surprise when it taking so long, upon checking on it the status was


      Received pending further analysis by Intel’. 


      I could not wait anymore and made a call, and the agent said it was rejected because it was not a box type.  They said it was an OEM!!!!





        How come it was declared an OEM, when it fact it was a BOXED type base on INTEL warranty check?

        How did I passed the call center agents approval? They even gave me a return ticket, how come it has no warranty at all?