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    Intel WiFi Link 4695AGN Windows 10 not working


      Computer: HP Pavilion DV6885SE

      Wireless adapter: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4695AGN

      Driver version: Latest

      OS: Windows 10

      Problem: Wireless adapter keeps booting from any network that I connect to. It will work for about 5 minutes or so and then say no internet connection. Half the time that I run the troubleshooter, it will repair itself and start working again for a few minutes. Other times, it will not repair at all. This is not a problem with the internet as I am connected to it with other devices at this point. Positive it is not the internet.


      IPv4 Connectivity: No Internet Access

      IPv6 Connectivity: No Internet Access

      Media State: Enabled


      Never had this issue with Windows 7 and is so frustrating to use this computer at all.


      Please help!