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    Intel Download Center changes




      I've already submitted feedback via the feedback button on the website, but I'll say this here as well:


      Please put the drop-down boxes that could be used to locate software downloads back on the Intel Download Center.


      The new method - a downloadable update tool - is useless if the machine doesn't have working networking!


      Downloads can still be located via the search box, but the search is not very good - you have to know the exact term to search for. I can no longer browse the list to find a download if I don't know the exact name.


      The previous method where you could pick a category, then a product, etc from a set of drop down boxes was much easier to actually use - please consider putting them back!

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          Hello TomJepp:


          Your feedback is important to us and we thank you for taking the time to communicate this situation.



          Esteban C

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            Sorry all but after today I have enough of this new download center on intel site!

            It is horrible... now I cant find anything and the searching foe some file take long time... sometimes the quickest way is to search in google with "intel.com" words.

            OMG PPL who made this happen?

            new search is not user frendly. it only look easer but it ins't, it's harder to find correct files it's harder to analize download file list

            and when we change some option in option list, than we can have completely different file list.


            Why the really good way to download files dissapered.

            When we could step by step chose from list needed driver and we get full list of many versions of the driver and we could chose the correct one.

            Is any way to look for drivers in old way?

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              All support sites and informative articles from Intel®, have been going through many changes during the lasts months.


              Intel® is always looking for a better way to provide the support to their users for sure.


              I have been using the new search method and it is fine, you can select a product type and then continue filtering as you select the different products, going back in the page releases the last filter you added in case it was selected incorrectly.


              For sure your feedback is recognized and changes haven't stopped so far, so this could change for the best.



              Esteban C