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    Since I updated XTU to version, Watchdog is not supported anymore




      Like 6 months ago, I tried different settings in XTU until I found the one that fits better my CPU. I have an i7-4700MQ (notebook lenovo Y510P).


      It's been working perfectly since then, but like 1 moth ago I updated the XTU to the latest version (I don't know which one I had), and now, Watchdog is no longer supported. Now, a message appears and says it can't set up the previous default settings if the PC suddenly shuts down. This didn't happen to me 8 months ago, when I was trying different values for undervolt my CPU to reach cooler temps. Now the XTU reports my PC does not support Watchdog. So something's wrong.


      Nevertheless, it works totally fine, but you know, it should support Watchdog, as it did 8 months ago.