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    windows xp


      I'm building a new computer. Will windows xp home sp3 OEM work with my new system if everythings compatible including the new sata connectors?   Found it on tigerdirect.com  here http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2552182&CatId=672  for 89.99


      I'm also wondering if the OS needs to be installed before all the drivers are installed. This is my first build and any helpful advice would be really appreciated.



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          Erm im not sure i would be buying XP for that price with win7 out and probably available for not much more.

          If your building a pc you need to check that all your hardware is compatible.

          In terms of the OS there is no reason at all why it should be incompatible. And no the drivers are installed once you have installed the OS.

          My advice wwould be to google "how to build a pc" and "how to install an OS/win XP"


          Good luck, and if you get stuck just ask

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            Thanks for the help.


            Just curious is windows 7 alot better then windows xp


            thank you