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    How to recovery Intel Compute Stick dead after upgrade failure


      I spend the last night to recovery my intel compute stick after upgrade to win 10

      the upgrade to win 10 work fine but after finish all is gone,the ICS booting ok  but after that is lock down in the configuration task

      As we know Intel no offers the image  to restore and back to life the stick

      I found the solution and i hope the admin no delete this tread

      What you need?

      1 hub usb with minimun 2 ports

      1 usb flash drive minim 8 GB with Fat32

      1 keyboard with usb cable


      please download the image recovery




      after download it*s finish unzip *Ics_win8.1_recovery.zip* file to the root of an usb flash drive

      put the flash drive and keyboard in the usb hub and power up the ICS and press F10

      in the boot menu select the EFI USB DEVICE{YOUR NAME USB FLASH} and hit enter

      confirm with Y when  ask {2 or 3 times}

      please wait {depending the speed in your usb hub and flash drive} between 15 minutes and an hour and a half



      If everything went ok your  Ics is back to life with windows 8 stock and with hidden partition recovery as factory


      Thanks and sorry for my bad english