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    NUC5i7RYH - WIN10 Lan driver issue?


      Hello Guys,


      I've got a NUC5i7RYH - WIN10 with a i7, 16Go ram, and a 500 GO MD SSD.

      I've installed win10 on it and it's freaking fast! Well if all was good I wouldn't be here though.


      My problem is about the Lan connectivity. I get an IP no problem, I can surf the net no problem but no one can ping or access my computer nor any VMs bridged on the LAN network adapter.


      The wifi connection works well, and i'm pingable. So I guess the problem really is about the LAN adapter.


      I've tried to disable the firewall, update the driver... nothing helped.


      Is this a known issue? Do you need further information to be able to fix the problem?


      Thanks in advance