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    Clean install of 10586?


      Has anyone done a clean install of Windows 10 10586 instead of an upgrade and did it work?

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          Clean Install Windows 10 version 10586 update does not work on my Intel compute stick . Currently it is running a version of 10240 .

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            Mine also failed with clean install 10586. Had to clean install older version.




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              Thanks, that plan is out

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                Hello all,


                Thank you for sharing this information.


                Intel recommends to follow these instructions Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC — Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions in order to complete successfully the upgrade to Windows® 10.





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                  That version of Windows from Microsoft doesn't work. Hangs during "Getting files ready" anywhere from 0% to 76%.


                  Where do we get older versions of Windows 10?





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                    Search for the ISO version of Windows 10. I found it on the microsoft site. But hard to find now.


                    Its bigger than the 10586 ISO. The working one is about 2.8 GB


                    I think this is the link. But get the right version or your current key wont work.




                    You will need to create a UEFI boot flash disk then extract this ISO to it.




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                      Yes, it works.


                      I made it 2 days ago, because my ICS hangs after November update and I was not able to restore it (I used many time all possibilities.)


                      So I download new Windows 10, I created USB bootable disk using Media Creation Tool, and boot from this USB.

                      Installation was successful, and Widows are also activated now( Licence key was used from ISC- I suppose)

                      Now ICS run W 10, version 1511, Built 10586.29


                      Some bugs are still to solve: graphical drive is not possible to install, sound do not work,


                      Some bugs are still to solve.




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                        Amy, the question was whether anyone has done a CLEAN install of 10586, wasn't it? It wasn't a question about upgrading to that version, was it? It would be really nice if you would stop saying the same thing over and over and over, even though you've been informed over and over and over that those instructions do not work.


                        I could not do a clean install. It simply never completes. I was finally able to get 10240 to install, but it immediately did an upgrade because I'm attached to a wired internet (and cannot use the metered connection workaround) and it got to 96% and stopped. My stick won't even boot any more. The blue light comes on, the fan doesn't spin and I get "no signal" on the monitor. I have a support ticket in and I guess I'll be waiting to hear about getting a replacement device. It's too late for an Amazon refund, so I'm relying on Intel to make this right.

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                          Make sure you have the most current BIOS firmware on the compute stick. Once I did that I was able to do a clean install with the latest build of Windows 10 x32. Let us know if that doesn't solve it. Thanks. (You may have to try a few different USB sticks as some I tried couldn't be seen by the built in flash utility, you'll also need a USB hub so you have at least a keyboard and the USB drive)



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                            Clark Caldwell, I updateed the bios on my stick last week in preparation for the update. A clean install of the latest version simply would not work and it got my stick to the point where it would not boot at all. I tried three different USB flash drives and two different powered hubs. I tried five different builds using the Microsoft tool and two using Rufus.None of those ever worked or completed. I then tried a USB DVD and that failed. I then downloaded 10240 and could not get that to work with USB flash drives. I burned it to a DVD and that DID WORK so I finally had a working stick. Without doing anything or making any configuration changes, I tried the update to the latest version because it immediately discovered the updates. It failed. Microsoft recommended putting a spare USB flash drive in the powered hub to provide more space. I did that and reran the update and it got to 96% before stalling. Upon reboot, it is completely dead. I have a blue light, but I don't get any signal on the monitor. No bios. No Intel splash screen. Nothing. No fan turning. Nothing.

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                              Sounds like you have a bad unit. I've not had one myself and have about 8 of them running as digital signage. I've gotten it down to just update the BIOS and then run a clean install from the get go on new units. I would send yours back for a replacement. Good luck.

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                                My compute stick is on the way back to Intel. I talked to them today by phone; they were extremely cordial and receptive. My stick had the blue light but no fan and no video connection to the monitor, so probably just flat out dead. They promise a replacement unit within five days of receiving the dead one back.