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    Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 Windows 7


      Hey guys,


      One month ago, my wifi card is having some trouble. The first time the problem appeared was when i was coming back from an sleep mode.


      I have a Dell Inspiron 5420, wifi card is Intel centrino 2230. I have Windows 7 ,64 bits.


      Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not.  The problem is that suddenly, the wifi discconnects, and no connections appear anymore (until i shut down laptop and restart it)


      Also, sometimes when i turn on my laptop, it doesnt work and i have to go to control panel and activate the Wifi centrino.


      I've uninstalled completely drivers, updated them, but still not working. Also i have changed the energy plan  and RESTORED my laptop to factory state but nothing . I've also checked the wifi card and it's not a hardware problem.


      Thanks for your help