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    optimus + hd4600 + sw battlefront = crashing ???




      is anyone having trouble running the new battlefront game on their laptops with a intel hd igp + nvidia dedicated card?


      works fine on my desktop but when try and launch it on my laptop it always crashes when the game starts to load (the intro logos)


      nvwgf2umx.dll is the faulting module.


      the game launches randomly if i have the 4264 igp drivers installed that the game always moans about not being installed if i have any other igp driver version installed, includes ones newer than 4264. the game goes past the intro logos but still crashes at random times, in game or on the menu etc.


      the game will launch is choose the igp only but is obviously unplayable.


      changing nvidia driver doesn't solve the crashing as the game needs 358 or higher and fails to load at all, throws up a little telling me update my geforce drivers.