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    Windows 10 Apps on Tablet: Display driver repeatedly stops working


      Hi there,


      We have a relatively new 2-in-1 computer (Acer Aspire Switch 11) which we have upgraded successfully to Windows 10. When using Apps from the Metro interface, they regularly stop working, usually after around 5 minutes usage. This has happened with many apps so far. Error message given is:


      Display Driver Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 has stopped working and has been reset.


      The offending app will freeze, but the tablet still run and it's possible to close the app from the task view in Windows 10. But obviously regular crashes every 5 minutes pretty much makes using them useless. It has been particularly noticeable in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (a favourite app) but other apps seem to show the issue.


      Chipset is Intel Core i3 4012Y

      Onboard Graphics is Intel(R) HD 4200

      Driver version is:


      Windows 10 is fully updated. I have fully updated drivers and bios from Acer. I used the Intel Scanner to check that the graphics driver is up to date.


      Any suggestions?