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    Brand new compute stik totaly failed....


      Today i have buyed this litle "computer". I think microsoft and intel go out to android problems soon.

      Instaled stik onto hdmi port pluged in microusb and stik autopowered on without to press power button, Stik go to step to change region and realised that i did dot pluged wireless keyboard (microsoft desktop 800). Pluged now and after a copule of minutes realized fact that stik dont see my keyboard. Bloked on this step i powered down the machin to reboot. Next stik booted fine and now see my mouse & keyboard but failed to boot to original scree with region and next step. Instead it show mesage that windows not start corectly and need a restart that sometimes may resolve problem. restarted with frustration and i have same results. retarted in recovery mode and try a refresh, but windows tell me it was a problem (not a word about a problem). tryed reset but poped out same results. i go to  advanced option and hited comand prompt, loged as administrator to see if all fles is in place. Partition seem ok, no coruption. I go to microsoft site and find a resolution for reset, refresh problem and sugestion to rename hive config & software file .  wich i have acomplished. Restarted with great expectation but os go to automatic repair and diagnosig and poped out same results (windows does not loaded corectly). Go to recovery mode and hit comand prompt to rename back hive but .....SURPRISE..... NOW CAN NOT LOG AS AN ADMINISTRATOR, DID NOT SHOW ADMINSITRATOR ACOUNT....Now i can not do anything, safe mode, safe mod with comand prompt nothing works.  I am a computer techy with many years of activity but microsoft solutions and operating system simply does not is fesable. I poped iut a hub port with a bootable stick of hiren to try booting offline and rename file in chance to revive administrator acount but bios dont see the stik and not alow alternate boot from usb.. Before losing adminsitrator acount i can see the windows images aprtition, install wim partition and question with dism wiminfo to see if it is broken. It is not broken and there a chance to recovery from here but now i have no clue what shoul i go now,,,All this proble because of  a stupid shut down in absence of a keyboard....

      How can i supose to gain acces ofline to the files ? Android phones register as a file system and sometimes can put os or ather modification but intel and microsoft realy go dead for to much stress of complicated things. i think i go out to recycle bin this litle monkey .I pay 150 Euro and a all day working on my holyday day. I am aware of my job and i do not have more tools here. Limited bandwith,  no cd rom drive on usb, mo origional dvd with w.9 to boot in recovery environment...Can not seem to boot from usb or micro sd (nothing apear in bios boot order - maybe i will try a bios update to see if more boot options apear.)

      What shoul i do ?

      model number STCK1A32WFC

      VERSION H79551-100


      BOARD VERSION H67490-303

      BIOS VERSION FCBYT10H.86A.0018.2015.0330.1117 (PROBABLY 0018 OR 0030?)


      Any quicly help before throw at recycle bin s apreciated ().

      Sory for long post si bad enchlish.

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          Hello nemonavicusrino:


          Thank you for sharing the troubleshooting performed with your Intel® Compute Stick.


          My recommendation would be to update the BIOS as you were saying, if that doesn't fix the issue, please perform a BIOS recovery, to make sure all the updates are installed in the Intel® Compute Stick.


          If you are not able to boot the system after doing this, my recommendation would be to contact the place of purchase to get a replacement.


          Helpful links:

          Intel® Compute Stick — BIOS Update Instructions

          Intel® Compute Stick — BIOS Recovery Instructions



          Esteban C

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            Dear Esteban. Thanks for your kindly feedback. I will sure go to bios update route as it promise bluetooth pairng  in bios.

            I was able to resolve thisi issue after lot of work. Called my wife to bring me a external optical drive and a oem windows 8.1 full retail pro. I have booted with this uefi dvd and poped on recovery step. Of course recovery option don;t work because of diferent flavour of windows, but was able to bring command prompt. Rennamed back system and software hive and rebooted. Regained administrator acces but windows still don't boot in a working mode. Booted again to comand prompt. Pluged an usb stik with imagex and gimagex,, runed gimagex to try refactory device, but give me decomprersion error (i think no problem with image itself but no working space for deflate, as partition with wim images dont have to much space left). Back to comand prompt and try run imagex from here give me some similar error (i can remember now exactly as i have already nervous but i think was same space problem). AFTER THIS ERROR I REBOOTED AND MAGICALLY WINDOWS BRING ME STRIGHT TO WHERE IT WAS SUPOSEDLY GO TWO DAY WORKING PAST, TO CONFIGURATION PAGE WITH COUNTRY AND THE LIKE. . After customised settings and offed all spy options of microsoft booted to desktop. I go to settings and recovery and perform a full reset of the machine to be sure no corupted files remain in the os freshly convinced to work, I want to specify that for the last steps from odd, i powered machine from a big power bank (power add 20000 mah) to be sure is not a issue with surge power or intermitently fluctuation. Now it seem all ok, i listen music on my new pupy machine. I think if i go to work 2 days i make money more that it cost this machine...but ths is the life.

            Thanks for feedback. It was somehow an instructuve work, but single problem it was i have no time for this simple work. and is a shame that bios dont provide a non uefi boot as if i have booted non uefi i think i heve resolved  much more quikly.

            Further question.

            It is posible to miror desktop on my android phone ? Or in my lumia 532 win phone ? In case of power outage a scenario like this it is interestingly.


            Edit : I am not very sure what did it make happen, but i think renaming hive and one or two reboots seem have resolved problem. tryng gimagex and imagex i don't think resolved something.

            i updated the bios and got bluetooth pairing in bios. i booted a win 10 uefi stik and booted ok, but non uefi...don't show even as a boot device. We see in the long run what alternatives is on this side..



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              Hello nemonavicusrino:


              I would like to thank you for the workaround provided, this may work for other customers having a similar scenario.


              Do not hesitate to contact the Intel Communities if you encounter with additional questions.



              Esteban C