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    ICS 1A32WFCL model. It came with WIN10 pre-installed. Windows Update stuck.


      Have the ICS with Logitech K400 keyboard and Anker Hub & Ethernet dongle. Installed the ICS and completed the Windows 10 setup. After that, I performed a couple of windows updates and rebooted a few times. On the last windows update it goes to 20%, the a Windows UPGRADE window pops up. I can't complete the "upgrade" because there's not enough disk space remaining. I installed a 64G mSD card and still can't get past this point. Why is wanting to "UPGRADE" ? I already have WIN10 installed. In the update history, It shows "Windows 10, Ver 1511, 10586" update failed. Do I need this ?


      I see other posters have noted 10586 version as bricking the ICS. Is that true?


      Everything works fine, other than the windows update failure, Do I need to get this updated loaded ? Will the other updates for Defender, etc still work ?


      So far the ICS does what I was looking for Stream Videos from websites, youtube, etc.