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    Intel NUC D5425 No display




      I've recently bought a european NUC D5425, I've added 8gb Kingston KVR16LS11/8 ddr6l 1.35v into it, an 2.5 hdd and windows 10


      I have first tried to use my pc monitor (Packard Bell Mastro 220 LED 1080p screen) but there was no video display.


      I have then connected a samsung tv to the NUC through the mini hdmi port using a mini hdmi to hdmi adapter. It works flawlessly. I updated bios to 041 (latest) and installed windows 10. Windows 10 is confirmed to be working fine (for now). So I tried using the PC Maestro screen again. Still there is no video display on it, even though Windows 10 successfully boots. I can set 1080p resolution when in windows so that should work.


      I have tried 4 different hdmi cables on the same 1080 screen. I have cleared CMOS using the jumper.


      What should I do next ?


      Thank you.

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          How do you connect to that packard bell monitor?


          Any other device to verify so its not the input of your packard bell which is broken (I assume you select the correct input too)?

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            The Packard Bell is my main pc monitor. I have used it with 5 different GPUs and I use it as the main screen for my PS3. Nowadays I only use the HDMI port on it. The input is automatically adjusted, and the 'Auto" button on the monitor doesn't work when hooked up to the NUC


            Today I went to a local shop and connected the NUC to a random monitor using the same cable and adapter I have at home and it worked with a different monitor. Would I need drivers on the nuc for my packard bell ?

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              I doubt that.


              Monitor "drivers" are all about color correction profiles and nothing else.


              Some bios versions have had issues with resolution where it wasnt correctly identified back and forth. I think running the latest bios version should have this fixed (dunno about your NUC but this is the case for the D54250WYK's at least).


              So at least you should be able to get the bios screen on your monitor. Verify in bios (if you connect it to your other monitor) that you have hdmi output enabled and made hdmi the primary screen.


              You could also try if this is OS dependent - that is brun a Ubuntu 15.10 livecd and boot from that and see if that will detect your outputs correctly or not.

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                I'll post screens of my bios, maybie it's something I'm not seeing.

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                  Hello DCG:


                  Here I have some recommendations for you to follow:


                  1. Perform a BIOS recovery to make sure all updates are installed.

                  2. With the working display, uninstall the graphics drivers and let Windows install the default drivers after rebooting the system.

                  3. If step 2 doesn't work, use the Graphics driver from Intel.



                  Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — BIOS Recovery Update Instructions

                  Windows 10* 64-bit: Download Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Intel® NUC



                  Esteban C