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    BIOS and HDMI problem with latest BIOS


      I was using my Stick on a Sharp Projector. It was booting fine. After installing the latest BIOS it wont boot on the Projector very often. Just sits their rebooting over and over again. Sometimes it will boot but not often.


      If I plug it into a TV it boots every time first go.


      Looks like the BIOS has created a problem detecting this Projector.




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          Hello Mosc_007:


          Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.


          I would like to provide you with some steps for your situation:


          1. Make sure you are using the power adapter provided with the Intel® Compute Stick.

          2. Perform a BIOS recovery on your Intel® Compute Stick.

          3. If possible, test the Intel® Compute Stick in a different HDMI port in your projector.

          4. If you are using an adapter (HDMI to VGA/DVI) that may be causing the issue, the recommendation is to use a straight connection (HDMI to HDMI)

          5. Test a different HDMI device with the projector, to discard or not the interface as the issue.


          Some helpful links:

          Intel® Compute Stick — BIOS Recovery Instructions



          Esteban C

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            The only thing that changed was updating to latest BIOS. It worked fine with the Factory BIOS that came with the stick. Works fine connected to a TV. It just doesnt like the EDID information from this projector now. Other devices work fine on the projector.