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    Dead CPU?


      Hey guys, I've just bought an Intel E6500 for my Emachines PC (it has an ECS 945GCT-M3, so it can definitely handle this CPU), and when I go to install it, nothing happens.  No POST beep, no error codes, just a blank screen, plus my CPU fan doesn't kick into high gear like it's supposed to.  Could I be looking at a dead CPU, or does Emachines lock their boards to only accept certain CPUs?  (I had a Celeron E1200 before, and this is the CPU I'm using right now.)  I have tried putting a little extra thermal grease on the CPU, as well as a different power supply (a 480w that powers my mother's Athlon64.  I have a 250w, but it powers my Celly fine, and several of the techs where I bought this and at Emachines customer support say it should work, but I won't be able to put much additional hardware in my system.)  Even the 480 failed to get so much as a pulse out of the new CPU.

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          Theoretically it should work, and if teh emachines people say it should, then they prob dont limit the motherboards, although how confident are tyou that the person you talked to really knew the answer?

          The only way to know for sure if it is dead is by putting it in another system. If you havent got another system that is compatible then as you have just bought it take it back to teh shop and get anotehr one

          BTW 250w is very very low id keep the 480 in there.

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            Unless you can be 100% sure... it sounds like a dead CPU...  do you now the history of such? overclocking does kill processors!!!  if you can not test on a different motherboard consider it dead. send it back or get a refund!!!. most sellers DO !NOT! tell you about overclocking (dead) until is too late...      EBAY ANY ONE????????????

            please reply... good luck!!!!!!!!!

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              Well I know that, I had an AMD 3500+ running at 2.53 with air, and it ran well for about 5 or 6 years before it finally bit the dust.  I was planning on seeing how far I could push this CPU, but it wouldn't boot from the get-go.  I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore overclocker, just habitual. 


              I contacted Intel about it as well, they say if it's in its original packaging, and packed well (which it was), it most likely isn't dead, they referred me to this website that had a list of CPUs that were compatible with this board, and oddly enough, this CPU wasn't on that list, and there were a LOT of better CPUs on that list.  I looked into it more deeply, and according to Intel's website, this CPU was just released a few months ago (Q3 2009 - a little over 2 years after ECS released their latest BIOS flash.)


              This is the link Intel gave me.




              And this is the link where I got my release information for my CPU.




              So it looks as though I'm going to have to buy a new motherboard, because I believe ECS ended support for my current board.



              And I've been shopping with this outlet (Newegg) for quite a few years, I buy upgrades from them every Christmas (and when I have a little extra money to spend), and they've always given me satisfaction with every order thus far, so having placed many different orders, and zero RMAs, I would definitely put my trust in them.  EBay I would trust less than any other outlet nowadays because my mom has been with EBay since 2003, and she says that ever since they switched management, they put in a new rule where buyers can't review the sellers, which is leading to some sellers ripping their customers off.

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                The CPU is the first part on the motherboard to recieve power from  the power supply. If you aren't getting so much as a peep from  it......it's likely dead. no other way to put it. I don't know where you  got that thing, but I can't imagine it being any good. even if the bios  doesn't recognize the cpu...it will still power up the system, and  usually it will tell you it doesn't recognize it or can't use it in many  cases. as long as you know that it is the correct socket etc. It's more  than likely dead.


                Although according to the gateway site that mobo  supports only intel  Prescott, Tejas, and Conroe architectures.

                The E6500 is a wolfdale-3m architecture. so maybe this is the cause?