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    intel nuc D54250WYK and MiniPCIe SATA Controller




      I have got four D54250WYK nuc's

      there are two nuc's with Revision 302

      and two nuc's with Revision 303

      and four Delock 95233 mSATA Controller


      Windows10 and other (OS independent):


      Only the two nuc's with Revision 302

      are working with mSATA Controller.

      (BIOS shows HDDs attached to mSATA Controller,

      devicemanager shows the onbaord sata and the additional mSATA Controller)

      All is fine.



      The other two nuc's with Revision 303 don't work with mSATA Controller.


      There are in BIOS no HDDs shown (from attached to mSATA Controller)

      and in devicemanager are only the onboard SATA Controller shown and

      not the delock mSATA Controller.


      Of course, I have tested all 4 delock Controllers in Revison 302 nuc.


      Has anybody a revision history? Or knows changes in hardware?