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    Intel DP55WG work with EVGA GTX 670 4gb SC graphics card?


      I currently have a setup with a i7860 with a ATI HD 5830 on an Intel DP55WG. I got a EVGA GTX 670 4GB SC the other day to change out my ATI card and my motherboard would not post and gave a 5A post error and two beeps. Looking at the beep codes it mentioned video issues. Looking at the post code it mention I/O SATA issues. I tried everything and could only get the card to be see in a secondary PCIe slot and the ATI HD 5830 in the main PCIe slot and even then I still did not have any video from the EVGA card. My main question is will this EVGA card work with the Intel DP55WG board? I reached out to EVGA and they said it should but the age of the board and BIOS may be the issue or just a bad card. Just wanted to get Intel's input prior to getting another GTX 670 card.


      EVGA 670 Specs- 04G-P4-2673