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    Ethernet EGLIBC image


      My ethernet doesn't work on the EGLIBC microSD card image (210 MB) of IoT - Intel® Galileo Board Download | Intel® Developer Zone.


      There is no resolf.conf file in my etc/network.


      root@galileo:/etc/network# ls

      if-down.d  if-post-down.d  if-pre-up.d

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          With the eglibc image you can connect through Ethernet using connman. First, start and enable connman using:

          systemctl start connman
          systemctl enable connman


          Now, with the Ethernet cable connected run the command connmanctl services, you should see the Ethernet option as AO Wired Ethernet and a number.

          You can connect to this interface using connmanctl connect ethernet_########_cable.


          Additionally you can configure the IP address of the interface with:

          connmanctl config <service> --ipv4 manual <ip address> <netmask> <gateway>. The <> brackets are not needed.


          More information of different connman settings in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Connman