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    Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM + Cisco Catalyst 2960X = Wake On LAN?


      Hi there, I have an HP EliteDesk 800 G1 PC with I217-LM connected with Cisco Catalyst X-series Gigabit switch. I am configuring WOL feature. It seems like WOL doesn't work if switchport configured as speed 1000/duplex full, same as NIC. The only way I used to make it work - configure autonegotiation of speed and duplex or 100Mbit/s Full Duplex on the two sides (switchoprt and NIC) of connection. Does anyone know how it works when Intel NIC is in the WOL mode, how to debug ethernet events? Why 100 Mbit/s Full Duplex, not least possible speed? I want WOL working as i configure 1000Mbits/s Full Duplex on the two sides of connection. I tried turning off EEE, Reduce link speed and other Power Management features - with no success.