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    Intel HD Graphics shows laptop screen blank when set to duplicate



      Can anybody help with a proper solution to this problem:



      VeryPC W950LU laptop with Intel N3700 processor and Intel HD Graphics driver running on Win7 Pro x64, connected to an external monitor and set to duplicate displays.




      When laptop is switched on the BIOS logo displays on both screens, then PXE boot info shows on built in dispaly, then both displays show 'Starting Windows' and four coloured blobs forming the Windows logo, then the built in display blanks and the Windows loading continues to the login screen on the external display only. This is not acceptable in a classroom where a projector is connected to the laptop but not switched on so there is no visible display.



      Workaround No.1 is to select projector only mode with the Windows+P selection, then select duplicate.

      Workaround No.2 is to wait 15 minutes until the monitor display turns off because of Windows power settings, then press a key and both monitors come on.

      Workaround No.3 is to change the refresh rate from 60p Hz to 40p Hz, both screens then come on at start up.

      Workaround No.4 is to uninstall the intel HD Graphics driver and use the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter driver.


      Any help gratefully received!