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    I can't submit a service request form (High CPU load with HD Graphics 4000)


      We are developing an application that will be delivered on an industrial computer with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and are seeing unexpectedly high CPU loads when showing selected parts of the HMI.


      The application is WPF based and behaves somewhat normally when showing screens of just standard WPF controls, however, when showing a graph component that updates values in real time, the CPU load increases and the application becomes very sluggish.  We are not seeing this on our desktop machines with similar or less CPU/graphics power.


      An investigation using Process Explorer shows that it is the System process that consumes the extra CPU work (approx 17-18%) when these parts of the HMI are shown. Looking at the threads of that process two stand out:

      ntoskml.exe!WheaAttemptPhysicalPageOffline+0x350 and dxgmms1.sys

      is responsible for the high CPU load.


      I started to suspect a problem with the drivers so I updated to the latest version but the problem remained. I have tried this out on two version of Windows 7, Embedded Standard and Enterprise N and the problem remains.


      However, when trying Windows 10 the application behaves normally.


      Do you have any idea of what the cause can be? I have seen threads on your forum with persons having related problems. 


      [I tried submitting a service request but could not make the submit in the last step]