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    How to format and re install Intel edison


      I have mis-configured the intel edison board in ubuntu system, i could not see any login even a line on terminal,


      # screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200


      I have tried with below url there is no output? How to solved this ?


      how do you fully recover a board?


      And tried another one:


      trying to  install package-xfstk-downloader-linux.sh


      Getting following error:


      ../../../external-dependencies/min_boost_1_46_1/bin.v2/libs/program_options/libboost_program_options.a(utf8_codecvt_facet.o):(.rodata._ZTVN5boost15program_options6detail18utf8_codecvt_facetE[_ZTVN5boost15program_options6detail18utf8_codecvt_facetE]+0x24): undefined reference to `std::codecvt<wchar_t, char, __mbstate_t>::do_length(__mbstate_t&, char const*, char const*, unsigned int) const'

      collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status