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    Custom resolutions Intel HD Graphics



      I'm trying to connect my WINDOWS 10 carpc (equipped with INTEL Atom Z3735 with HD Graphics) to my cars TFT via VGA. The problem is that the TFT screen resolution should be 800x480 and I can't set it under Display Setting nor Intel Graphics panel. Unfortunatelly CustomModeApp doesn't work so I'm not able to set custom resolutions this way too. The WINDOWS 10 sees the TFT screen as Digital Flat Panel with native resolution of 1024x768 and I have only 2 more resolutions available in display settings -800x600 and 600x480. My TFT works with those 3 resolutions but the display is to big vertically and too small horizontally. I can't change the scalling setting as well.


      Is there a way to set up this resolution? Is it a matter of Screens driver or Intel card driver?


      Hope you can help me find the answers.