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    Can't connect to internet - Ubuntu


      Hi everyone,


      I bought the Intel Comute Stick, and as I only need it for basic uses, I bought the Ubuntu version with 1gb RAM and 8gb flash.


      Now after a while I was abe to set up the device, and it displays me it's connected to mz home wifi, but when trzing to reach a website, it can't connect to the Internet.

      But there seems to be some kind of connection, as it's still possible to make searches via apps which have been pre-installed.


      My guess would be, as the wifi adapter inside the stick isquite bad, maybe the connection is not strong enough?

      But still I think a driver update could help here, but Intel doesn't provide any drivers for Ubuntu, do zou guys know what can be done here?


      Appreciate any help!


      There also is a issue with the Intel Ticket Szstem, as I canno open anz Tickets, not via MS Edge, IE, FF or Chrome.


      Best regards,