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    AC 7260 Slow upload / Good download


      Can anyone let me know how to fix the slow upload issue for AC 7260 wireless card?


      I have a small NAS drive (WD Mycloud) connected to the router (D-link 868), and wireless upload and download speed to the NAS from laptop is good (20MBps & 30MBps) when my laptop is around the router.  The laptop has AC 3160 adapter.

      I also have a PC which has a wireless adapter upgraded to AC 7260 from Dell's DW1703 (Wireless N).  The download speed for the PC is acceptable @ 25 MBps, however the upload speed to the NAS is just @ 4MBps.

      I have updated the driver and bios, and tried to change the adapter settings to recommended.  But nothing works.

      If anyone had this same issue before, can you please share how the issue was fixed?

      Thank you very much!!!