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    New NUC5i3MYBE No Boot, shutdown after 5 beeps



      Received new NUC5i3MYBE board, unpacked, installed with Crucial 4GB (CT51264BF160B.C16FER2) in upper slot. Power supply from XP Power, 19V 3.42A.


      Event sequence:


      1. Power is applied to board.

      2. White Power LED and Green Standby Power LED turns on.

      3. 5 beeps from connected speaker, 1 sec between beeps. No LED signaling. No video signal.

      4. White Power LED turns off


      Thanks for any help.

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          I don't see a beep sequence with 5 beeps, but there is an 8 beep sequence, and it's the only one listed that also shuts the NUC off:


          16 on/off blinks (8 beeps)

          .25 seconds on, .25 seconds off, .25 seconds on, .25 seconds off, for a total of 16 blinks.

          Then the computer shuts down.

          CPU thermal trip warning

          Check that chassis ventilation holes are not blocked and unit has sufficient airflow.


          If that's the issue, then you're likely looking at a bad unit.


          It's always worth a try to check the memory (verify it's compatible, try one stick at a time).


          Hope this helps.



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            Hi Piri,


            No display with new Intel® NUC Kit 5i3MYBE. Please verify if you selected the proper video input in your monitor (TV). It is recommended to use straight DisplayPort video cables (high quality) and use 1 memory stick.


            Try to connect your NUC with any other monitor just to narrow down the issue.


            Mike C