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    Intel 82578DM Windows 10 latency


      I have a machine on Windows 10 that according to device manager is using the Intel(R) 82578DM Gigabit Network Connection.


      The problem I have is that according to LatencyMon the ndis.sys and tcpip.sys drives are showing extremely large amounts of latency. This means everytime I refresh a web page my machine locks up for a split second and any audio or video currently playing stutters really heavily.


      I've tried updating the drivers to no avail. At present device manager is showing the driver version as provided by Microsoft.


      I've tried downloading some drivers from the Intel website but those get to the "Copying drivers" stage and then fails stating that there were no Intel adapters found. This has confused me a lttile since device manager lists it as an Intel adapter.


      Would massively appreciate it if someone could assist in resolving this issue.