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    Is my brand new i5 4440 working upto the mark??? Please comment.


      I see that my friend's Dual core CPU (4 threads) i5 3210m at 2.5 GHz with hyperthreading is having less usage than my new Quad core i5 4440 at 3.1 GHz (4 threads with no hyperthreading) while gaming.


      We play Counter Strike 1.6 (pretty old and supposedly a single core based game). During the gameplay I have a usage of 25-32% ( Core 0 =86% , Core 1= 5%, Core 2 =20%, Core 3 =3% ) while he have a CPU usage of 10-15% ( Core 0 = 33%, other cores similar to me ). He also have a dedicated GPU but I play with the Intel HD Graphics...we both play at 60 fps.



      So, is my CPU usage too high?? Is it defective or is it fine since I have faster clockrate than him ????


      Any Suggestions will be welcomed. Thank You.