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    How do I fix Intel HD Driver issue with Windows 10 version 1511?


      Hi Intel Community,


      I have had windows 10 on my laptop for a while now and it has been working great for me. I had recently downloaded and updated to version 1511.


      After the update finished, my computer restarted and the screen stayed black. I waited for a long time and the screen was not showing anything. I noticed the fingerprint reader LED was blinking meaning i can use it to log in. I logged in and was able to hear some sounds. Surprisingly, my first thought was to disable the Intel driver. To do this, I used Teamviewer on a different computer to log in and see things on a different screen. After that, I was able to see everything on the screen.


      I believe there is some kind of issue with the version 1511 of Windows 10 and the Intel display driver.

      I have tried downloading the latest driver from Intel's website and that still didn't work.


      If it helps, here are some of my specs:

      HP Laptop

      Intel core i7 3632QM processor with Intel HD 4000

      8 GB RAM

      nVidia gt 635m GPU

      Also, my nvidia gpu isn't working anymore because I believe it is controlled by the Intel driver.


      Is there any fix or workaround for this issue? Thanks